Announcing The Core Fusion Challenge & Giveaway


I’m back. For good. I even wrote my 10K Race Recap. It includes the best playlist ever, I suggest you check it out.

Last week, I alluded to a challenge. While initially the challenge was created for myself, I realized it would be much more fun and more motivating if you would all take part in it with me!

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love Core Fusion classes at Exhale Spa. I love how Core Fusion is a full body strength workout, because I can’t seem to ever do any strength training on my own. I love how Core Fusion teaches you to stretch after working each muscle  group, because stretching creates long, lean muscles. I love the music; I love the teachers; I love the studio space, particularly at the Central Park South location. While I don’t love how much my muscles burn during the class, I do love how I feel as soon as it is finished —  like I did something really great for myself.

All this information brings me to the Core Fusion Challenge.

After discussing my goals with Core Fusion co-founder Fred DeVito, he came up with a challenge that will help me reach my goals.

What does my Core Fusion Challenge entail?

  • 4 – 5 Core Fusion classes a week
  • Documenting the challenge on Dori’s Shiny Blog about 3 times a week

This can include any Exhale class offerings. I will likely do a combination of the following (read about them in detail here):

  • Core Fusion (this will be the bulk of what I do)
  • Core Fusion Sport (focuses on combining cardio + strength)
  • Core Energy Flow (a combination of yoga and core work)
  • Yoga (I am new to this but enjoyed the beginner class I took at Exhale recently)

Core Fusion classes are HARD. During class, my muscles burn. Sometimes I want to cry. Sometimes I have to take a break from the moves. This is why I am glad there are other classes to try in addition to Core Fusion. That said, Core Fusion will be the majority of the classes I take. Every teacher teaches a little differently and no two classes are the same, so it will never get boring. I’m going to keep my NYSC membership during this time as well and try to get in some cardio sessions as well.

Here’s what I hope to improve:

  • Knee Bursitis & Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome
  • Shoulder AC Joint Osteolysis
  • Recent weight gain
  • Terrible flexibility
  • Weak core
  • No arm definition
  • Soft abs

In addition, I will be working with Exhale Spa’s health counselor, Catherine. I had to fill out a comprehensive health history form for her that even asked for examples of what I ate as a child! Mmmmm, Velveeta. I’m going to meet with Catherine after the holidays to do a “before” session — measurements, weighing, photos — eek! We will also discuss food, although due to my unique GI illness, I don’t expect her to be able to advise much that (1) I don’t already know and (2) I can actually physically do. But, maybe I’ll be surprised and she will have tons of suggestions for me! At the very least, she will hold me accountable. While I do eat cleanly most of the time, it will be good to keep on track with her help.

So now I get to devote a whole lot of time to working on my specific strength & muscle issues while improving my overall health! You’re probably thinking this is great for me, and maybe you’re even a little jealous (I would be!). Here is where you come in.

I want you to participate in the Core Fusion Challenge with me.

It doesn’t matter where you live or if you have access to an Exhale Spa (locations here), because Core Fusion has  really wonderful DVDs. My favorite — and the one most like a Core Fusion class — is Core Fusion Body Sculpt. This DVD consists of five 10-minute workouts, divided into the following groups: upper body, glutes, thighs, abs and stretch.

Core Fusion Body Sculpt


The other DVDs are Pilates Plus, Thighs & Glutes and Pure Abs & Arms. I don’t know where they found the models for these DVDs, but maybe all our butts can one day look like the one on the cover.

Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD is only $12 on Amazon or $9.99 on Tower Video. It is eligible for free shipping if your order is above $25 on either site.  AND it comes with a free class at Exhale Spa. This is a really great deal, especially considering one regular class is $35.

I’d love for you to all get the DVD and participate with me. I have this DVD and I love it. It’s actually pretty funny because I would do this DVD in my apartment having absolutely no idea that the people I was following and cursing on the screen (Fred and his wife Elisabeth) were  just two floors above me in their own apartment. What a small world!

While Body Sculpt certainly is challenging (OMG THE ABS SECTION), Fred and Elisabeth give modifications for each exercise so you can work your way up. It works out so many parts of your body to exhaustion in such a short amount of time.

What does the DVD challenge entail?

Required: Four to five days a week - full length Core Fusion DVD (Body Sculpt will cover the most. If you use one of the more targeted DVDs, please allow rest days in between) – for one month

Recommended: Yoga (Polly’s videos are great & free, ExerciseTV has free yoga and YogaDownload has free options as well)

Recommended: 30 minutes cardio, three days a week

All I am requiring is your commitment to the Core Fusion DVD. I included my recommendations because I think you will greatly benefit from adding those, but even if you only do the minimum Core Fusion requirement, I am sure you will see amazing results. If you’d like to take before/after photos and measurements, go ahead! I’ll be doing that myself and documenting my improvements here.

If you have a blog and decide to participate, let me know and I will link to your posts about it! If you don’t have a blog, feel free to send me content to post here. If enough people decide to participate, I will create a Core Fusion page in the top navigation of my blog and will include information about Core Fusion classes, links to everyone’s blogs/posts and any valuable resources that might help.


Want to participate in the challenge? Want to get started with a FREE Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD?

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post about why you want to strengthen your core.
  2. Tweet this contest: RT @dysterious Take the Core Fusion Challenge: Enter to win a Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD
  3. Encourage people to take part — post a note about this contest in your own blog

You will get one entry for each. I will select the winner randomly on Tuesday, December 29.

The challenge will begin around January 2. I will confirm with you all next week. Please let me know if you plan to participate in this challenge — I’d love to hear from you.

I am excited and nervous to begin! This will be so hard — but so worth it.

Edited to add – You can start this challenge at any time, just keep me updated! I will put together a group email and send updates throughout the challenge. We will motivate each other and share our experiences.

39 thoughts on “Announcing The Core Fusion Challenge & Giveaway

  1. Oooh I have the DVDs (got them last Christmas) and this is the motivation I need to do them….I want to do this but I think I’m going to need to wait till after the marathon (Jan 10) to do 4-5 days. Is that cool?

    • i have been doing core fusion videos since june, so i will do the challenge, although i do 7 days a week, for me it is easier to do it everyday so there can be no excuses. i ask myself, do you want to feel better for the rest of the day or worse? my answer so far is better. i have all the videos and have bought them for many. thanks eileen

      • Eileen — I am so excited! I will send out an email next week to everyone who is taking part. Have you found big improvements in your body since June?

  2. I’m kind of in! If I get the intenSati thing I’ll skip CF on those days and do intenSati instead… but I’m definitely going to buy a DVD (if I don’t win it). And if I don’t get intenSati I will definitely do CF 4-5 days a week.

  3. I’m in! I Netflix’d Core Fusion, but I really want to own the dvd! I’ve recently become “skinny fat” and it’s got me down a little bit. I’m ready to work on my core and this seems like a great challenge. Thanks Dori!

  4. What a great opportunity! Up until last year I used to be really good about getting and using exercise dvds. However, after moving to another state I’ve never found my motivation back. I would like to strengthen my core to be able to do more pushups (“real ones”)

  5. Ode to Corefusion
    Kathleen Bannon

    I feel it in my abs arms legs and seat
    Oh the joy of being a corefusion athlete!
    Fred and Lis know what time it is
    and are the best at teaching
    strength and flexibility.
    Although I must admit
    and many agree
    that pretzel is
    some kind of Nasty!

  6. Hi Dori,
    I’m in! I like… Eileen and Kathleen (my sisters) do Core Fusion DVDS every day since June. Love it. Can not pick a favorite since I love them all and find them all very challenging. Did Pilates today.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  7. Hey! It’s been ages since i’ve ready anyone’s blogs but I just caught up with yours and Melissas! I’m definitely interested as I have 15 classes! Can you do mornings too? Let me know what your scheduled plan is!


    • Congrats on getting married! I can do mornings, I’m going to plan out each week ahead of time and follow it as best I can. Will send you next week’s plan. Yay!

  8. Hey Dori I’m delurking and hoping to join this challenge too! I’m too far from a class to participate in, but I have all four dvd’s. Can I just arrange them how I’d like? They all have different focuses.

    • Hannah – You are not too late! I am so happy you are joining. Will send out an email later this week or early next week. Arrange them however you like, just try to do minimum 3 a week. Can’t wait to hear your results!

  9. I’d like to join the challenge. I have been going taking Core Fusion Sports once a week for the last month. I’d like to do more..

  10. Hi Dori. I joined Exhale Boston last month, and have been kinda afraid of the Core Fusion classes. I’ve taken one, and it was SO HARD. But your challenge is very intriguing, and I’d like to join in. I lost 47 pounds last year, and I still have work to do, and this might be the push I need to take the fitness to the next level. When do we start? Or has it started already?

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  12. this sounds amazing! Id love to strengthen up my body alot. I need to! Id love to join in on this challenge. Sounds like a ton of fun and I love trying new things. Cant wait to start! I’ll have to get the dvds though since I dont think there are classes near me. Thanks!!

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  15. I’m in! Spoted Core Fusion on Discovery Health today and have been doing some research. I ran across your challenge. I’m in Jackson, Ms so the DVD’s are on order from Amazon! Very excited to get started!

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