Find Me on Wendy Williams TODAY (April 12)

Happy Tuesday! How YOU doin’?

How YOU doin

Today is a special Tuesday because I will make my talk show audience debut on the Wendy Williams show with Heather. Please check your local listings. Then set your DVRs or watch if you’re home. Then, look for me and Heather in the second row, in the center. I am wearing an aqua shirt with a black cardigan and Heather has red hair.

Heather learned 10 things at the Wendy Williams Show. Go check out her list because it is comprehensive and gets into the details of our specific show (like the fact Rudy Huxtable’s real-life mom knows every word to every rap song).

Here’s what she didn’t mention:

1. The pre-show dance-off Heather mentioned is actually a talent show - We watched one woman in a brightly patterned dress (WHY did we not take any photos of her!) do what appeared to be a choreographed dance, then we watched her engage in a dance-off with a dude named David, and then we watched her brightly patterned friend sing into a microphone sounding better than the actual singer of the song. Also, she knew every single word to the random song the DJ (yes, a DJ) played, and so he gave her a cash prize. She won the talent show.

2. Wendy attracts the most . . . unique . . . audience – Seriously, where do these people come from? How do people like this exist in the world! The personalities were boisterous, the outfits were loud. Heather and I were the most tamely dressed people. And I thought I did well, following the official Wendy Show email instructions to DRESS TO IMPRESS! All audience members may appear on camera. Think Trendy…Think Stylish…Think Chic and above all else Think Wendy!! Bright colors photograph best and we ask that you refrain from wearing white and busy patterns.

I saw many a busy pattern. AND I was the least trendy there.

3. I don’t know where to look when someone takes a mirror picture – Neither does Heather.

Mirror picture dori and heather

4. The set is wee – I know Heather said that, but worth reiterating. The entire place looks so much bigger on TV.

How YOU doin how YOU doin

5. Wendy has a tiny waist – She appears much larger on the tee-vee.

How YOU doin

6. When Wendy stood at the side of my aisle and talked to us, she made eye contact with me - I think this means she likes me.

7. There will be someone with a more ridiculous Ask Wendy question than you – Don’t get scared when the guy says everyone must hand in an Ask Wendy form with their question. It isn’t true. Don’t get nervous when the same guy says that there is no such thing as not wanting to speak on TV or being too shy because if your question gets chosen you must ask it on TV. There will definitely be someone with a more ridiculous question than you. That person will be chosen. And that person will want to be chosen.

8. Secretly wish your question DID get chosen – Just so you can get Wendy’s rational, real, no BS advice.

9Ignore the gossip while waiting to get inside the studio - We heard that the following people would be there on our day: Kim Kardashian, Jamie Oliver. In reality, we got Naya Rivera and Keshia Knight Pulliam. We also saw Toni Braxton and Felicity Huffman leave the taping before ours.

10. Wendy is a force – She is exactly the same as on TV. Her facial expressions are priceless, she is hilarious and she only hires loons like herself to work there.

I first heard of Wendy Williams last year when Channel 9 in New York City showed her show at 10 pm on weeknights. At first I glossed oer it — Wendy Williams? Must be trashy — and then one day I landed on it and heard how rational and logical and funny she is. It has been true love ever since. And thanks to blogging and Twitter, Heather and I discovered our shared love of Wendy Williams — which led to us attending the show together!

This was my third time at a TV show taping. I went to a taping of Cosby (the show Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad did together after The Cosby Show ended) on a Hebrew School trip and Total Request Live on a college class trip (after Carson Daly already left).

Why did all my schools go on these random trips?

I actually really want to go back to another Wendy Williams filming, but I want to take some shots of vodka first. Then I will feel much more comfortable, will participate in the dancing on stage and maybe win the talent show.

If you watch my episode today, please comment here or email me to let me know you saw me and if I looked stupid.

Update: Thanks Ali for taking this picture of me and Heather at the show. That is us on the right, second row!

How YOU doin'?

This is when Wendy talked to Rudy Huxtable’s real-life mom and I didn’t know where to look! Thanks to Heather for this one:



Ever been to a TV show taping?

One of my favorite Core Fusion teachers left exhale to start her own class at Pure Yoga called Figure 4. Read my review on NBC New York – Dori’s Quest: Figure 4 at Pure Yoga.




15 thoughts on “Find Me on Wendy Williams TODAY (April 12)

  1. You look great – definitely the cutest one there! I love that you went to this show – how fun! I too stumbled upon WW and was surprised at how much I liked her. She says some crazy things too…but mostly pretty straight shooting.

  2. Sooo much fun!! I have never been to a taping for any show but I would love love to go to Regis and Kelly. I have a feelign tickets will be tough to get right now but maybe I should try..

    I totally DVR’d todays episode so I will let you know what I think tongiht :-)
    Megan @ Megan Mumbles´s last blog post ..Terrific Tuesday!!

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  4. Ha! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog today from another I regularly read, Melissa Nibbles. I totally needed the afternoon chuckle you provided. I definitely will be checking in again in the future.

  5. You look good on tv! I have been to a few shows and was always captured with my eyes closed or mid-laugh like an idiot. Nate Berkus tix are really easy to get if you’re interested, because he is AWFUL.
    What kind of Hebrew school did you go to? I only went on a class trip to a matzah factory.
    alex´s last blog post ..Saucy Balls

  6. What was the wait time from the date you requested tickets until you heard back from the Wendy Williams’ show? I requested tickets last week, for next Wednesday and still haven’t heard back yet. Just wondering if this is normal. Next Wednesday’s show still isn’t full yet.

  7. Hey how long in advance did you receive a response from the show for a ticket? I reserved one last week for next month while it was open, now it shows full. Hopefully I get a response :-/

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