Core Fusion Cardio – Pure Intensity DVD Review + Giveaway

Thank you for your amazing response to my Bing: Friends Matter video! It was so exciting to film this!  I want to write a post at some point about the filming process. I am still finding an excuse in every conversation I have with people to work the video in, and this counts in online conversations too, but I can’t say I’m sorry because this is almost as exciting as Hurricane Irene giving me a reason to stay inside for two full days eating homemade tacos.

OK back to regularly scheduled blogging.

It is no secret that I love the Core Fusion Cardio class at exhale spa. It is not only one of my favorite classes, but one of three classes in the world I don’t think I could ever give up.

So when I was asked to attend a rehearsal section of the making of the Core Fusion Cardio – Pure Intensity DVD, I was so excited. I wanted to go to the actual filming but I had to work. The rehearsal was so much fun though! You never really think about the coordination and revision that goes into creating the actual DVD that you work out to. I saw lots of changes and compromises. My favorite part was when Core Fusion co-founders Fred and Elisabeth, and three of my Core Fusion teachers had to stay in the curl position for a VERY long time because they didn’t realize how long that section originally was. As their student who they torture with this position, it was nice to see them get a nice little taste of their own medicine. <evil laugh>

[See the struggle?]

Knowing what exactly went into creating this DVD, I was more excited than usual to receive my copy for free to review earlier this summer. And once my roommate moved out and I took over her former bedroom as my new office/living room/exercise room I was finally able to work out in the comfort (but not air conditioning) of my home.

[A behind the scenes look of how Core Fusion Cardio - Pure Intensity was made. See Fred & Lis in the mirror.]

The DVD is divided into six 10-minute segments. While you technically can do each segment on its own, I wouldn’t advise it unless you were really strapped for time. Core Fusion Cardio is meant to be done as one full-length class, and you will get the most benefits and best workout (and most sweat) if you opt to play it continuously without intros.

Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity DVD

Section 1: Energy Moves

This is a dynamic stretching warm-up. Don’t skip this part — the stretches are specifically designed to help loosen up the muscles you will be using during the exercises.

Section 2: Cardio Flow

Your workout starts to heat up here as you learn the mountain climbers (plank runs), Cardio Sun Salutation, do some twisty planks and mix side planks with push-ups. You also pick up your weights and combine pulsing yoga poses in Warrior I and Warrior II with upper-body strength exercises like bicep curls, lat pulldowns and more. This section sets the stage for the rest of the workout. This is where it all begins!

[Core Fusion teacher Barbara guiding Lis, Micaela, Tammy and Catherine on their bicep curls in Warrior II]

Section 3: Power Flow

This is the meat of the class, and the exact reason I LOVE Core Fusion Cardio so very much. The step-back lunges combined with upper body weight work is killer! You’ll also do a punching sequence and lunges — all with the weights — in addition to Warrior III glute work and tricep kickbacks. Did I mention that mountain climbers are interspersed between these all?

[Rehearsing the punching segment - One of my favorites!]

[Barbara instructing Fred and Lis on their step-back lunges]

Section 4: Power Sweat

It is funny to me to hear the names of each section, because in class it is just one long sequence. In this section the pulsing is in a wide second position while doing bicep curls and arm raises before doing kind of a “running man” move by lunging and moving your arms with the weights. More mountain climbers, of course, and the “speed skater” exercise — signifying the end of the madness — which looks exactly like it sounds. This combines tricep and glute work. You’ll end with 64 mountain climbers in a row, a plank, and a much needed child’s pose.

[This looks like the Running Man. 1991 anyone?]

Speed Skater:

[There are weight in their hands. Good stuff.]

Section 5: Cardio Curl

After the nonstop intensity of Core Fusion Cardio, getting on the floor for the curl is actually a relief! If you’ve done Core Fusion DVDs before, you are familiar with the curl — but this time you use weights. And it is a great sequence. Just push through it, the worst is already behind you!

[If you don't get your leg as straight as Lis's, you fail. Just kidding.]

Section 6: Bonus Stretch

This section feels SO good. Again, these stretches are specifically chosen because of the muscles you work in this DVD. Do this section. You will enjoy winding down to the stretches that your body needs.

The Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity DVD is like a crunched up version of the live class. But the important part is,the DVD IS just like the live class that I love so much. The class I find one of the best workouts I have ever done in my life. One of the only classes I refuse to miss. So while no DVD can compare to a live class, this is pretty close and an incredible option for at home or travel. I highly recommend you try it yourself. You will sweat, and you will get stronger. The DVD costs just $13.49 on Amazon and yes, that is my affiliate link. A great price considering a single live class can cost up to $35.

Or, you can win a copy right here.

First, a preview:

Want a free copy of what I think is the best workout DVD I’ve ever done? 

Core Fusion Cardio – Pure Intensity Giveaway

1. For one entry, leave a comment telling me the best workout DVD YOU have ever tried. I want to know what’s good now that I have a small exercise room for myself!

2. For a bonus entry, tweet: Win a free #CoreFusion Cardio – Pure Intensity DVD from @dysterious

I will announce the random winner next week. Good luck!

91 thoughts on “Core Fusion Cardio – Pure Intensity DVD Review + Giveaway

  1. Everytime you write about Core Fusion, I become more and more determined to get myself to a class. I have to check it out and would LOVE this DVD.

    I still love the Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training and Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVDs. Both are great at-home strength training options!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Better Late Than Never

  2. My favorite is Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout. It is a total body workout and requires very minimal equipment. I’ve been working out for years and this DVD kicks my butt!

  3. I haven’t done an exercise DVD in a long time because I got so fed up with mine! But this one sounds amazing and I need to add in something when it gets too cold out to run (I do live in Minnesota!)

    I do recommend the Weight Watchers exercise DVDs for beginners that are getting some of their first tastes of activity because the steps are easy to learn and you can make the moves *harder* as you get better, lots of adaptions.
    Meredith@MakingOverMerbear´s last blog post ..I’m excited about food and its OK!

  4. Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Timesaver is a great DVD workout when short on time. It trumps Jillian Michaels’ DVDs… For me anyway!

  5. Hands down the best workout DVD I have ever tried is Core Fusion Pure Abs and Arms. That curl works miracles (and I have to keep telling myself that every second I’m in the position).

  6. I LOVE Chalene Johnson’s TurboJam Abs, TurboSculpt, and TurboJam Live videos. I am a TurboKick instructor, and while I have access to all the TurboKick videos, the TurboJam videos are available to everyone. She always gives me such a good workout!!

  7. My favs are definitely 30 Day Shred and the Mat Workout by Tracey Anderson. Very different types of workouts, but both get you in shape!

  8. This looks awesome! I’ll have to buy for myself if I don’t win! I’ve never done Core Fusion but I hear its amazing. (I’m definitely going to tweet too!)

    The best(hardest) workout DVD I’ve ever tried was the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt (from about 3/4 years ago) They break it up into sections and the middle “medium” section is absolutely the hardest.

  9. I started DVD work-out 3 years ago when i was bearly able to do Leslie sansome 3 miles (I was 36 years old at that time), worked myself to Jillian’s 30 day shred and then No more trouble zone. but it started killing my knee and I had to look somewhere else till I completely recovered.
    Core fusion came into picture, I tried Pilates plus and loved it, later got the whole series, but most favorite to date is ‘Body sculpt’, core fusion Yoga and Pilates plus. sorry – I have to have all. Can’t pick just one.

  10. I love barre type workouts, Core Fusion included. I recently purchased Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled to complement my CF classes and so far so good.

    And thanks for all of your inspiring posts. I had done a few Core Fusion classes a few years ago but didn’t get back into it until the barre rage hit Boston a few months back, which also coincided w/ me finding your blog.

  11. I am new to barre workouts. Prior to a few weeks ago, Tae Bo was my favorite DVD series. Now my favorite is Physique 57. I would love to try Core Fusion.

  12. I love Core Fusion classes from Yogavibes. The only other workouts that compare to these classes are Leah Sarago Balletbody downloads. They are not dvds, but you can download them and they are fantastic! Super challenging!!! Oh and I also love P57! Can’t make up my mind!

  13. I have a couple of the Core Fusion DVDs and I love them! I also have been a long time fan of Physique 57 and do their DVDs quite frequently. I often rotate between Physique, Core Fusion and a plyometric based workout like Insanity. Great giveaway, Dori! :)
    Erika´s last blog post ..Artichoke Hummus Ravioli

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