The Top-Secret Reveal – Bing: Friends Matter

Remember that top-secret thing I alluded to doing for some cameras at Refine and the Gym at Chelsea Piers?

It’s time to share!

With the help of one of my closest friends, I am part of the search engine Bing’s Friends Matter series. This is about how with Bing’s partnership with Facebook, your friends likes and interests influence your own searches and decisions. I was interviewed and filmed (with Brynn Jinnett, owner of Refine Method!) about how my friends influence my blog and my life — and how I influence theirs.

I am so excited that the day has finally come! Watch it and let me know your thoughts. I am shaking right now. And I guess my mouth makes that expression.

I will write a more detailed blog post about the day we filmed. But for now, enjoy my video!


28 thoughts on “The Top-Secret Reveal – Bing: Friends Matter

  1. Dori, this is so amazing! I’ve been wondering when the “big reveal” was going to happen – this is so exciting and beyond my expectations :) Great job – the camera loves you!

  2. Not only do we get to see you, we get to hear your voice! Great job and you looked fantastic!

    Hope you had fun doing it and that your healing is coming along.

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  4. Dori this is amazing! You look sooooo pretty! I am so happy for you, I hope you are doing well. I have been keeping up with everything on twitter. Once again congrats it is truly amazing!

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