10 Things I Am Liking in 2012

1. Shellac manicures – For the first time in my life, my nails don’t look ragged and jagged and gross with chipped polish that lasts for months as tiny little dots because I am still too lazy to take it off. These manicures last forever (but I go every three weeks) and I get compliments all the time. I feel like a person who is put together and cares about her appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that person; I just feel like her.

2. Refine Method – You all probably hate me because I talk about this all the time and it is only in NYC and you don’t care. I just love it more each class (except during the first two circuits where I wonder why I am there and if it is even worth it), and I’m very excited for the new location opening in Union Square because I think it might prove to be more convenient for me in a few months.

Dori at Refine

3. Being at work – I mean, I’d still much rather not be there. And I still feel dread on Sunday nights and depression upon waking on Monday mornings, but once I am at work, I actually like being there.

4. Oatmeal Creme Pies – Remember those??

Oatmeal Creme Pies

5. Scentsy – A wickless alternative to scented candles, I was skeptical at first because I hate candles and also I’m cheap when it comes to random things that people at work sell and then try to convince me I need. But I made a resolution in February 2010 to be less of an asshole and then I failed, but sometimes I try to make good on that. And now, like everyone else who has one, I love mine very much and ended up buying multiple scents. My favorite is Oats & Honey.


6. Andy – After I finally figured out how to get my really gross runner’s toenail off — using dog nail clippers, thanks to my friend Cassie who had both the idea and the clippers — I told my boyfriend and he said: “Gonna miss that sexy thing.”

7. Kindle – I held off on this for a long time because I used to work at a book company and still have an apartment full of books, even after walking my old lady shopping cart back and forth to the library multiple times (a mile each way) to donate hundreds of books. But then I bought myself one. Is it strange that I think about how grateful I feel for this every single day? Like, even more than I think that about my family?

8. Dylan McKay – I did not remember him having a heroin addiction when he came back to the show after being gone for a few years. What the hell! And why is his sponsor meeting him at the After Dark, a BAR? Whatever. Dylan can do no wrong.

Dylan McKay

9. Watching places on TV and then going to them – Andy and I watched an episode of Bar Rescue and thought it was so cool that we went up to Framingham, MA and visited The Chicken Bone, where we giggled about being famous, practically asked the manager for his autograph when we spotted him behind the bar and drank The Real Blue – just like on the tee-vee!

10. Billy on the Street – This show is hysterical. Billy Eichner is hilarious. I love the way he thinks, his expressions, his reactions and his inflection. Someone loves envelopes!

Next week: ellasport review and giveaway. If I write it here, it means I actually have to put the running skirt on and get myself on a treadmill to try it out so I can actually review it.

20 thoughts on “10 Things I Am Liking in 2012

  1. Those oatmeal cream pies will always remind me of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Especially because I’m pretty sure we could’t get them in Canada (or at least my part of Canada) when the movie came out.

    I like it when people talk about actually liking their jobs- I’m glad you like yours!
    Kristen´s last blog post ..five things about me- part three

      • I totally remember that reference!! I loved that part–it’s kind of gross but soo good! The kids latch onto the oversized oatmeal cookie/cake and dredge out the insides with their hands–it’s a great scene!! You should youtube it!

      • YES! Kristen, as soon as I saw the oatmeal pic I thought of Honey I Shrunk the Kids too! I don’t remember if it was specifically an oatmeal cookie but I remember the kids being in the yard, finding the cookie/cream and breaking up huge bits of it. And that’s where the kids befriended a giant ant they rode like a horse.

        And dori, i totally agree dylan mckay can do no wrong.

  2. See, I was always into Brandon back in the day. But these days, he’s a douche and I am all about Dylan.

    Also, scentsy is so cool! But I can’t bring myself to spend money on it…yet.

  3. LOVE your nails. I just can’t be bothered with what happens when you stop shellacking…it’s not pretty. But whilst they are shellacked they look quite fetching!

    Thank you for introducing my to Billy Eichner. I just wasted a good 20 min! Now I am late! But I have funny in my head, so it’s all good. I forgive you.

    PS. Refine is worthy of all your praise!
    Cameo´s last blog post ..Hemp-y Hummus!

  4. Every time I get my nails done they try to convince me to use the Shellac! I’ve never done it but maybe I’ll try it out next time.

    And yes! Oatmeal Creme Pies! I used to love those. Haven’t seen them around in a long time. Probably for the better, I have no self-control, ha!
    Kara´s last blog post ..Injured Running

  5. Dori! Just got an invite to the Refine Union Square pilot! Send me an email if you want to meet up and go sometime? I like shellac manicures, core classes and thinking about (and sometimes actually) running.

  6. Thanks for including Scentsy :) I’m so glad you like you warmer and scents. I shellacked my toes for the first time in FL and so far so good. And yes, work is awesome and Dylan for President!

  7. Refine Method-Yes Staten Island seems countries away from 72nd Street-but Union Square-now we are talking!!!

    That drink looks delish and will now bring the recipe with me when I go to a bar so they can replicate.
    Heather´s last blog post ..What to believe in?

  8. I was already loving your list til I got to Dylan… ah… Dylan. I thought he was the best thing in the world for awhile (many years ago). When he cheated on Brenda with Kelly tho, not a fan! haha. still annoyed about that.

    Glad you are loving your job :) Its definitely something I am aspiring to this year- getting a good job.
    Josie @´s last blog post ..Flight tips, Back in Mexico

  9. I am right there with you about the Kindle. I’ve had the iPad 2 since it came out but only now have conceded and started reading ebooks on it. It makes me a little sad because I have an apartment full of books, too (love the visual of you carting books to donate cause, seriously, I do this all the time, too). But I am actually reading a lot more now because it’s just SO convenient to have 1 little device that has tons of books on it. My most recently purchase was Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I finally broke down and bought (downloaded?) after watching the movie. Next I’d like to read the Steve Jobs biography finally, which I am REALLY happy to read on the iPad not only because he created it, but because that book is way too huge to fit in my favorite purse.
    Irina G (Fit Flexitarian)´s last blog post ..Recipe: Slow Cooker Pink Lentil & Bean Soup

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