Hi! My name is Dori and I’ve been semi-regularly writing Dori’s Shiny Blog since November, 2007.

My brother created this blog for me and he named it, too. The name is based on our favorite British TV show Red Dwarf, an 80s sitcom about a group that gets trapped on a spaceship for 3,000,000 years. The group consists of a human, a hologram, a computer, a cat and later a robotic servant. The cat’s name is Cat and as a result of the 3,000,000 year evolution, he resembles a human more than a cat. But because he is a cat, he LOVES shiny things. Hence, Dori’s Shiny Blog.

In real life, the man who plays Cat has called me beautiful via Twitter.

Red Dwarf Cat

At first, this blog was a place for me to recount random occurrences and vent about stupid people. As the years passed, I developed my passion for fitness – most notably Refine Method and running — and so my blog became more focused and naturally more awesome.

Born in raised in New York City, my husband Andy and I recently moved to Jersey City where life is better. I have experience in corporate internal communications, writing, editing, social media management, SEO writing and content production. I used to write a weekly column called Dori’s Quest for NBC New York, where I reviewed the hottest New York City workouts in my quest for the perfect class,

I found the perfect workout at Refine Method, so I don’t do that anymore.

I think running is just OK but I love racing. Twitter is my favorite social network. My brain never stops. I live in a world inside my own head and rarely notice anything around me. If you ever take a fitness class with me, don’t be shy – I won’t observe a thing you are doing because I am so focused on myself. If someone walks down the street naked, I do not notice.

I hate calling people on the phone for a number of reasons. One is that I don’t like talking. Another is that I think I have number dyslexia and no matter how many times I dial and how careful I am and how slowly I repeat the numbers out loud, I usually still dial it wrong.

I dislike talking so much that my husband still does not know a single detail about my trip to Cancun back in May 2012. I love reading books. I hate reading magazines.  I like beards. I am always surprised when someone likes me and wants to be my friend.

One day I plan to write a book. It will definitely be about something.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dori,

    Congrats on the marathon! I was reading your blog today, and I have an invite that you might be interested in.

    I am inviting you to try out a workout for free. It’s invite only right now, and we will be launching to the general public in December.

    We are based in NYC and we have developed the next generation of video workouts that are similar to p90x. You can actually watch the videos anywhere – on your ipad, iphone, or on your laptop.

    In January, we’ll be inviting all of our NYC beta testers to an exclusive launch event at our headquarters in the IAC building.

    As someone who is involved in the NYC fitness scene, I would love to invite you to try out this product and give us your opinions.

    What do you think?

    Kate Brown
    Community Director, DailyBurn

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  3. Hi Dori,
    I just discovered your blog while I was trying to do more research on barre classes (since I will be getting my barre certification in Feb), and I truly appreciate your honesty. I also take classes at Exhale-Core Fusion, so it was interesting to read about your experiences!

    Can’t wait to read more,

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