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After my last blog post, I went silent. For a month. This is the longest I have gone without writing since I started blogging back in November, 2007.

There are a few reasons for this hiatus.

1. Thanks to the recurrence of my neck injuryI haven’t been exercising. Since fitness is my topic of choice and my favorite hobbies (aside from reading but I’d rather read books than discuss them) are running and Refine, not being able to do either means I don’t have much to say to the internetters reading here.

I am glad to say that after a very long six weeks, a number of physical therapy sessions (with the best PT ever in the history of this world, I am obsessed) things seem to be finally getting better with my neck. I ran outside yesterday — the only spring-like day we’ve had so far — for 2 miles. This is a huge milestone actually, because up until then my limit was 1.5 before my neck would act up. I smiled the entire time like a jackass and I felt amazing.

2. I’ve been mourning not running the Eugene Marathon. I mean, I didn’t officially make the decision not to move forward with this race, but that’s only because of my stubborn denial. Given that the race is now four months away and I only just ran 2 miles when I should be in the first weeks of official training, I think it’s obvious.

I’m really upset. I wanted so much to train this spring and not deal with the annoying parts of a fall marathon (namely, beginning training in the most humid time of year when I am slow). I also wanted to get my marathon over with and have my summer weekends free (long runs take a huge toll on me). And I really wanted to visit Eugene, stay in a cute rental house with my adorable baby nephew (plus brother and sister in law) and run an awesome marathon on a weekend devoted to running.

At the same time, I lost so much strength from not going to Refine that I am eager to work on getting that back first. But overall, I’ve been really sad about this. Better the neck thing came back now than after I started training and bought my $600+ plane ticket (kinda relieved I don’t have to deal with that…) but still. Ugh.

3. I was so miserable at work I had nothing left in me to blog. Anyone who’s ever been deeply unhappy at work will understand this one. It wasn’t something I could write about while I was working there, but I was miserable for a very long time. Like, sick to my stomach unhappy. Cry in the morning because I can’t imagine another day, another week, another month at that place unhappy. I would barely even talk to my husband in the evenings or weekend; I was mostly silent. I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and as hard as I tried, it didn’t seem like my situation would change anytime soon. Going to a place that causes you to feel this way, day in and day out, is draining. I was exhausted. I had no room in my life to blog; I was too busy being unhappy. When I was at home, I was lethargic. I watched TV and that’s about it. Of course, it didn’t help that my main outlet — working out — hasn’t been available to me.

Even though I had already given notice for about half the time I haven’t been blogging (and unhappy with the quality of my posts before that), I still needed to be out of there to understand that it is good on the other side.

I have a new job now and it’s a much better situation. I’m very, very busy — busier than I’ve ever been in my life — but also much happier. I’m enjoying my work and feeling much more fulfilled, but I am also a little overwhelmed in these beginning stages.

I will have less time to blog but I hope to write a little on weekends when I can. And when I am working out again, I’ll write about my return post-injury. If and when I can train for another marathon (I am devoted to my sub-4 goal) I will once again share my weekly training updates. I absolutely loved doing that last time around, and it will be fun to compare training cycles.

And there you have it.

2013 Resolutions-ish Revisited

On January 1, 2013 I posted this: I think these are resolutions?

Later that day I fulfilled one of the resolutions when Andy and I adopted Larry Gary Gray (formerly Larry Q. Gray).

Larry with Santa

Don’t tell Santa Larry’s a Jew.

Then I forgot about the rest and went on with my year. Today, I remembered that post and figured I’d take a look and see how I unknowingly did on these “resolutions”

Here we go:

DSB 2013 Resolutions-ish – REVISITED

(For more details on the reasoning behind these resolutions, see the original post)


Be less of a jerk

Verdict: You decide.

Yesterday on my way out of a store, I opened the door and while the door was open someone coming in grabbed it from me so she could enter. Then she said “YOU’RE WELCOME.” I didn’t realize I was supposed to thank her since it was a mutually beneficial door exchange.  She didn’t hold the door for me; we exchanged the door at the halfway point.

So this one I leave to you: Am I or am I not still a jerk?


 Get hot for wedding

Verdict: Fuck yeah success. Thanks Refine Method.

Dori and Andy farm wedding

In order to get hot for wedding, I needed to get back to a consistent workout routine, which slowed down following Hurricane Sandy because of fewer transportation options and the closing of Refine’s Union Square location (which was just one train ride away). I did try CrossFit Jersey City for a month but I didn’t love it nearly as much, or see the same great results as I do at Refine.

My exact words were, “I need to find a way to make the midweek Refine class work – even if it’s just once a week.” Thanks to joining the Refine Resolution Challenge and committing to three classes a week, I realized that getting to Refine before/after work (Refine is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; I live and work in New Jersey) wasn’t actually bad! Those three classes a week increased to four and, as I got closer to my wedding, five — and it wasn’t a hassle at all. Andy ended up joining the challenge as well.

Now, Refine is a family affair.

family refine

The #RefineGray fam with the genius who invented Refine


Train for a marathon like a real runner person

Verdict: SUCCESS!

I said I wanted a coach and I got one. I said I wanted to incorporate jargon such as “tempo runs” “speedwork” and “hill repeats” and I did all that too. I ran 4-5 days a week. So I think we can safely say that I successfully trained like a real runner person.


 Run a 4:15 marathon

Verdict: Remember how upset I was when I ran a 4:11 marathon? HAHA. Success.

Dori at Richmond Marathon finish line 2013

 Run in the cold maybe once a week

Verdict: Failed miserably.

Not counting the last few weeks of marathon training, I ran in the cold one time. My face felt like it was going to freeze off and that was the end of that.


 Suck it up and run on the treadmill

Verdict: Failed.

Yeah I didn’t do that either. But this year, as my knee heals and I start to build a base for my next goal marathon, I will. Especially since my gym is getting fancy new treadmills that seem like they will motivate me.  And since I’m serious about my goal for the Eugene Marathon (if I’m ever able to find a decent flight, that is…) I will do it this time around.


 Wear sweats to work and shower less often

Verdict: Sigh. Failed.

I wore yoga pants to work maybe twice and I showered more than ever, not counting that time after my 20 mile run when I didn’t shower for 27 hours.


 Do girlfriend things

Verdict: Failed.

I said: “For some reason sometimes a girl likes me and wants to be my friend. I never understand why as I do nothing to encourage such behaviors. But I figure I might as well give in. So, hi Ashley Runningbun. You’ll probably see a little more of me in 2013. Maybe we’ll run. And drink Bloody Marys.”

Then bitch got knocked up so no Bloodys.


Get drunk at my wedding without getting painful hiccups

Verdict: Success.

I was wasted at my wedding and did not hiccup once.

Dori's wedding


Get a dog [so something will love me]

Verdict: Best success of my life. This little boy is the best creature to ever exist in this world and every day Andy and I can’t believe how we possibly found this sweet, funny, cuddly, loving, perfect little thing.

larry fat

His ass is not nearly as fat as it appears

I succeeded at some resolutions and failed at others, but considering that I forgot what any of my resolutions even were I think I did pretty well!

Happiest hiking pup ever

Did you accomplish the  goals you set for yourself this year?

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