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FREE Revolve Class for DSB & Fitness NYC Readers

Last month I reviewed Revolve, the newest indoor cycling studio in New York City. Since then, I’ve been to the studio many times. I signed up for their $99 unlimited month intro deal (amazing offer, I see little reason NOT to do it) and tried a number of instructors. After that month ended, I continued taking classes there about once a week.

I haven’t acted or felt this way about any other spin studio before.

The instructors are all motivating and awesome. They play incredible music (partly because Revolve has their own DJ who creates custom mashups, how cool is that!) and are seriously just SO nice. I feel comfortable and friendly with every single instructor there, I chat with them online and before/after class, and I look forward to their classes. In fact, one instructor I met there will be my running coach and help me reach some lofty goals as I train for the Richmond Marathon! (More on that another time)

The classes themselves are all phenomenal as well. A consistently great workout without any gimmicks, Revolve is the answer to people who might not love the exclusive feel and jargon of other studios.

My friend Melissa from Fitness NYC and I love it so much there that we decided to put together a private class for our readers and fellow bloggers!

Join us on Monday, March 11 at 8:30 pm for a 45-minute Body Ride class. We have 45 slots available and signups are first come, first served.


March 11 Revolve Sign-Up Form

If you sign up and need to cancel, please do so in the form so we can open up your spot to someone else. There will be a wait list available, so if you don’t get in you still might.

*UPDATE: The class is full, if you sign up now you will be added to the wait list. We will send a confirmation to everyone who is in the ride shortly.

I’m excited to see you there!

DSB Review: Work It Out – Hoboken Boutique Fitness Studio

Two to three times a week, I cross state lines to work out.

I live in New Jersey. The best workouts I knew were in New York.  Somehow, though, I came across Work It Out, a boutique fitness studio in Hoboken, New Jersey. I live just one town over in Jersey City, of course trying this studio became a priority last fall. Their website alone enticed me to come in.  It appeals to women like me on many levels. It’s inviting, informative, friendly and not intimidating — which is the perfect way to describe this studio.

Their classes intrigued me: with class names like “Sweata Weatha,” “Riding High,” and “Core Disc-O” I knew this studio would be right up my alley. Finally, after lots of scheduling issues, I got to try my first class there. I opted for the Riding High spin class:

Take your upper body along for the ride. This 50-minute WiO Ride spin-off incorporates upper body light weights and high reps so your legs don’t think they’re in it alone. They have feelings, too, you know.

I happened to try my first class on the same night as their two-year anniversary party. There was a lot of fun stuff going on like custom t-shirts being made and Baked by Melissa cupcakes. But the best special event of the night was the LIVE SAX PLAYER in the spin room. During my class.

work it out bikes

Every spin class should have a saxophone player. Seriously. He was able to add to every single pop song and make it seamless. The energy in the room was incredible, and I had more fun in that spin class than I’d ever had up until that point.

The pink bikes didn’t hurt my excitement either. This is a studio that knows its way to a girl’s heart.

The next time I went to Work It Out was for their 90-minute Turkey Burn event. I recruited Ashley and Laura because this sounded too much fun to experience on my own.

The first annual Turkey Burn was a 90-minute combination of an outdoor run, a high-energy Riding High and Sweata Weatha, their circuit-style workout:

You look hot! WiO’s 50-minute power sweat class makes temperatures rise by combining weights, body bars and cardio for an intense, nonstop, full body workout designed to cleanse, challenge and change your body in any weather.

We started with a run outside and around a small park. I don’t know how long the run was, but Ashley and I had a lot of fun trying to make sure we were among the first seven ladies to finish so we could be in the first spin group. I don’t know why, but I REALLY wanted to do spin first. I think that’s because when I imaged the workout in my head, spin was always first. The class was fantastic — like, really, really awesome — and the time flew by.

work it out waiting are

We switched rooms to the slightly-bouncy floor (they do gymnastics there!) of the main exercise room. Surrounding the entire room were the circuits. We started by doing every circuit for one minute, with 30 seconds of burpees in between. Each circuit worked a different muscle group, and there were always two weight options to accommodate different levels.

work it out floor -

This bouncy floor makes you feel like a kid.

The second time around we did each circuit for 30 seconds. By then, I knew what I was doing and could push harder knowing I didn’t have to work for as long.

When the other group finished spin they joined us in the room and we all stretched and cooled down together. We also got a great a reusable Work It Out purple tote as part of our participation in the Turkey Burn.

I loved that we ran outside. I didn’t know ahead of time we would be running, and it was a really nice, refreshing surprise that got me excited for the rest of the workout. I also loved the  Riding High portion, and I realize that pink bikes (saxophonist optional) automatically put me in the right state of mind to ride. As for the Sweata Weatha, while it was a very tough workout I wished the instructor was walking around the room helping us with our form and making sure we understood the exercises. I didn’t in some of the cases because I don’t normally take classes like this, but the instructor was busy actually being the boxing circuit.

work it out bathroom -

This is their bathroom. SO NICE.

During the second round, we didn’t box so she was available to help, but by then the majority of the class was over. I expressed this concern to Work It Out after and they were very receptive to my feedback – they also had come to the same conclusion themselves. So, no hard feelings. I expect the class will only get better from here.

If you’re near Hoboken and you like pink and purple, DEFINITELY give Work It Out a try. The staff is welcoming, the workouts I’ve tried are great, the classes are interesting and varied, and the bikes are pink. They offer fun events for their members, and the studio, bathroom and waiting areas are immaculate.

work it out reception

As for me… sigh. It’s actually easier and quicker for me to get from Jersey City to Manhattan than it is to get from Jersey City to Hoboken for Work It Out. I wish it was easier; it SHOULD be easier. For now, I’ll have to rely on Andy to drive me there every now and then to take a class. They’re by far the best option for spinning in this area, and they’re the only boutique studio in this area that offers such a great variety of classes.

I mean, I’m now a certified spin instructor and so I am very important and knowledgeable when it comes to indoor cycling bikes, yet I still can’t keep it in my pants when I think about Work It Out’s PINK BIKES.

I’m glad that studios like this are become more prevalent. A big gym won’t get women like me to exercise, but a place like Work It Out absolutely will.

And if you do decide to take a class there, let me know!

If you live outside of the NYC area, do you have any great boutique fitness studios near you?

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