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My Dog’s First 5K Race

I am one proud puppy mama.

When Miranda told me about the Joshua Louis Foundation Walk, Run & Wag 5K and Ice Cream Social to Benefit Animals with Cancer, OF COURSE we had to sign up. I mean, a race with our pups, in a park we love right near our apartments. 

I never ran with Larry before, so I wasn’t sure how this would go. I knew that if he got tired, we could always walk. But I didn’t know if he would run in a straight line or veer all over the place to go on his fact finding missions. And Miranda didn’t know if her Rusty, who has a lot of thick fur, would need to stop at any point too. It was a real test – but what better way to find out than by contributing to a wonderful organization on a day with lots of other pups and animal lovers around, while getting exercise?

Larry and Rusty - pup friends

“You want us to run for how long?”

Sunday was a beautiful day, and Andy, Larry and I walked the 2.5-ish miles to the race start. Larry sniffed and peed on everything he saw on the way. I hoped he was getting it all out of his system so he could focus on the run!

We picked up my bib and got an awesome, fitted race t-shirt, and then chilled on the grass while we waited for the race to begin. When they announced it was time to line up, Miranda and I found ourselves at the very front with our pups. Behind us was all the serious runners without dogs – people there to compete. That was pretty funny. Someone who seemed to be a race photog took pictures of us all lined up, so as soon as I track those down I’ll share.

They blew a horn and we were off! Right from the start, Larry was a rockstar. He was having the time of his life! Huge smile on his face (and he isn’t a big puppy smiler), ears back (aerodynamics?), LOVING life! There was grass along the side at this point so Larry and Rusty both ran in the grass. It was a very good day to be a puppy.


Grass running off roader

We moved onto the waterfront section where the grass is lined with benches, so the boys had to run on the pavement but it didn’t seem to bother them at all. We stopped once to grab some water, and then clocked in the first mile in under 9 minutes.


I could not believe how well Larry and Rusty were doing! Both boys were totally into it, running with the crowd, having a blast. Larry’s running is more like a series of little leaps and it is hilarious to see.

The halfway point came before I knew it — which brought back memories of the two other 5Ks I ran in this park where, when I finally reached the halfway mark, I didn’t know how I could survive another 1.5 miles of this hell – and we stopped so Larry could lap up some water. Rusty is more particular about his drinking and was not interested in water from a strange bowl.


Look at him go!

Once Larry was hydrated, we took off again. I could tell he was losing some steam and slowing down, which makes sense since we’d never run before! But he had no interest in actually stopping, and when we got to the next water station he didn’t even need to drink! We finished the second mile in a little over 10:00 and in the final mile I still couldn’t believe that Larry was running in such a straight line, having fun, doing amazing!

I loved him more in that moment than I ever had before – and that is saying a LOT. I am obsessed with this dog. But this moment was an extra special one in our relationship. The thing with Larry is that whatever situation we put him in, he is perfect. Seriously. Perfect. We even trained him to pass his therapy dog test in under two days. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he would be a great runner. This boy is so adaptable in ANY situation!











As we neared the end Larry seemed to get a second wind. We got back to the area with grass along the side, where he took a quick pee break and then kept running in the grass. With the finish line up ahead, Larry seemed to sense it was time to speed up and we broke free from Miranda and Rusty (who had run with Miranda before but never for this long!) and sped up for a strong finish!

Andy was standing there taking photos but Larry didn’t even notice him – just kept running to finish his first race.

And we all finished in about 30 minutes – AMAZING for the boys’ first time running a 5K!


Our boys earned their medals!

There was a Ben & Jerry’s truck giving out free ice cream. Andy and I split a Salted Caramel Blondie cone (yes, you have to try that flavor), and Larry had the frozen vanilla greek yogurt.


Proud Mama!


“Look da! A medal!”


Larry wearing his medal!


Two runners in this family!



















Andy, Larry and I walked the 2.5 miles home and a few minutes later…


Pooped pup

I am so happy to know I’ve got myself a new running buddy – and that it is my best friend in the world (sorry Ander). I can’t wait to take him out on more short runs. Not only will I tire him out (always a goal), but maybe this will take care of the pound the vet says he could lose so that he can live forever. And the best part? My Larry Gary LOVES running and I love to see this boy having the time of his life.

Do you run with your dog? 


2013 Resolutions-ish Revisited

On January 1, 2013 I posted this: I think these are resolutions?

Later that day I fulfilled one of the resolutions when Andy and I adopted Larry Gary Gray (formerly Larry Q. Gray).

Larry with Santa

Don’t tell Santa Larry’s a Jew.

Then I forgot about the rest and went on with my year. Today, I remembered that post and figured I’d take a look and see how I unknowingly did on these “resolutions”

Here we go:

DSB 2013 Resolutions-ish – REVISITED

(For more details on the reasoning behind these resolutions, see the original post)


Be less of a jerk

Verdict: You decide.

Yesterday on my way out of a store, I opened the door and while the door was open someone coming in grabbed it from me so she could enter. Then she said “YOU’RE WELCOME.” I didn’t realize I was supposed to thank her since it was a mutually beneficial door exchange.  She didn’t hold the door for me; we exchanged the door at the halfway point.

So this one I leave to you: Am I or am I not still a jerk?


 Get hot for wedding

Verdict: Fuck yeah success. Thanks Refine Method.

Dori and Andy farm wedding

In order to get hot for wedding, I needed to get back to a consistent workout routine, which slowed down following Hurricane Sandy because of fewer transportation options and the closing of Refine’s Union Square location (which was just one train ride away). I did try CrossFit Jersey City for a month but I didn’t love it nearly as much, or see the same great results as I do at Refine.

My exact words were, “I need to find a way to make the midweek Refine class work – even if it’s just once a week.” Thanks to joining the Refine Resolution Challenge and committing to three classes a week, I realized that getting to Refine before/after work (Refine is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; I live and work in New Jersey) wasn’t actually bad! Those three classes a week increased to four and, as I got closer to my wedding, five — and it wasn’t a hassle at all. Andy ended up joining the challenge as well.

Now, Refine is a family affair.

family refine

The #RefineGray fam with the genius who invented Refine


Train for a marathon like a real runner person

Verdict: SUCCESS!

I said I wanted a coach and I got one. I said I wanted to incorporate jargon such as “tempo runs” “speedwork” and “hill repeats” and I did all that too. I ran 4-5 days a week. So I think we can safely say that I successfully trained like a real runner person.


 Run a 4:15 marathon

Verdict: Remember how upset I was when I ran a 4:11 marathon? HAHA. Success.

Dori at Richmond Marathon finish line 2013

 Run in the cold maybe once a week

Verdict: Failed miserably.

Not counting the last few weeks of marathon training, I ran in the cold one time. My face felt like it was going to freeze off and that was the end of that.


 Suck it up and run on the treadmill

Verdict: Failed.

Yeah I didn’t do that either. But this year, as my knee heals and I start to build a base for my next goal marathon, I will. Especially since my gym is getting fancy new treadmills that seem like they will motivate me.  And since I’m serious about my goal for the Eugene Marathon (if I’m ever able to find a decent flight, that is…) I will do it this time around.


 Wear sweats to work and shower less often

Verdict: Sigh. Failed.

I wore yoga pants to work maybe twice and I showered more than ever, not counting that time after my 20 mile run when I didn’t shower for 27 hours.


 Do girlfriend things

Verdict: Failed.

I said: “For some reason sometimes a girl likes me and wants to be my friend. I never understand why as I do nothing to encourage such behaviors. But I figure I might as well give in. So, hi Ashley Runningbun. You’ll probably see a little more of me in 2013. Maybe we’ll run. And drink Bloody Marys.”

Then bitch got knocked up so no Bloodys.


Get drunk at my wedding without getting painful hiccups

Verdict: Success.

I was wasted at my wedding and did not hiccup once.

Dori's wedding


Get a dog [so something will love me]

Verdict: Best success of my life. This little boy is the best creature to ever exist in this world and every day Andy and I can’t believe how we possibly found this sweet, funny, cuddly, loving, perfect little thing.

larry fat

His ass is not nearly as fat as it appears

I succeeded at some resolutions and failed at others, but considering that I forgot what any of my resolutions even were I think I did pretty well!

Happiest hiking pup ever

Did you accomplish the  goals you set for yourself this year?

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