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FREE Revolve Class for DSB & Fitness NYC Readers

Last month I reviewed Revolve, the newest indoor cycling studio in New York City. Since then, I’ve been to the studio many times. I signed up for their $99 unlimited month intro deal (amazing offer, I see little reason NOT to do it) and tried a number of instructors. After that month ended, I continued taking classes there about once a week.

I haven’t acted or felt this way about any other spin studio before.

The instructors are all motivating and awesome. They play incredible music (partly because Revolve has their own DJ who creates custom mashups, how cool is that!) and are seriously just SO nice. I feel comfortable and friendly with every single instructor there, I chat with them online and before/after class, and I look forward to their classes. In fact, one instructor I met there will be my running coach and help me reach some lofty goals as I train for the Richmond Marathon! (More on that another time)

The classes themselves are all phenomenal as well. A consistently great workout without any gimmicks, Revolve is the answer to people who might not love the exclusive feel and jargon of other studios.

My friend Melissa from Fitness NYC and I love it so much there that we decided to put together a private class for our readers and fellow bloggers!

Join us on Monday, March 11 at 8:30 pm for a 45-minute Body Ride class. We have 45 slots available and signups are first come, first served.


March 11 Revolve Sign-Up Form

If you sign up and need to cancel, please do so in the form so we can open up your spot to someone else. There will be a wait list available, so if you don’t get in you still might.

*UPDATE: The class is full, if you sign up now you will be added to the wait list. We will send a confirmation to everyone who is in the ride shortly.

I’m excited to see you there!

My “Classhole Series” Interview on RateYourBurn!

One of my newer favorite sites, RateYourBurn, interviewed me as part of their “Classhole” series. Yes, that word struck me as  strange and slightly off-putting when I first saw it, but it actually fits in really well with RateYourBurn’s direct, witty, borderline irreverent tone.

If you’re ever looking for a New York City or Boston fitness class review, this site not only reviews tons of classes at countless gyms and studios, they review each instructor as well. The reviews are brutally honest — not just about the class but the instructor’s personality and teaching style as well. That means this is a fantastic resource when looking for classes.

Not only do I enjoy reading reviews of classes and instructors I’ve taken, I also use the site when I’m contemplating trying something new. Just last week I read their review of Grant at FlyWheel to be sure I wanted to take his 6 am spin class. And I did. And it was awesome.

When RateYourBurn loves a class, they really LOVE the class — which makes me want to get myself there as soon as humanly possible. And even though I don’t always agree with their reviews, the fact that they make me want to drop what I’m doing and try a new class means they’re doing something very right.

Anyway, I feel really honored they asked to interview me — especially since their two prior interviews are people I adore, Bianca of MizzFit and Missy of MissyMaintains.




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