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I’ve got some running news for you on this humid May Tuesday.

  • I went on a work trip to Huntington Beach California earlier this month. Faced with the opportunity to run along the Pacific Ocean, I had no choice but to go for it.
  • Here is some photographic proof of the 10 miles I ran during my three days there. Yep. 10 miles. Two three mile runs at a cautiously slow pace and one amazing and speedy four miler where I finally felt like I was back from my injury:

  • This was not taken during a run, but look at the sunset from this trip:
  • Since coming back to New York City, I have now ran three times. All have gone well and been at a good pace considering I’ve been out of commission for months.
  • Don’t worry! I am taking it easy. I don’t run often, and I don’t push my pace. I just run in a way that feels natural.
  • Someone please explain to me why running is so much easier when there is a destination? For example, when I am running just to go for a run, I am constantly thinking about how long I have been running, how much more time I have left, my pace, my mileage, checking my watch, etc. But when I am running to a destination — like to Core Fusion Cardio this weekend — I can just enjoy my run because I know exactly how far I have to go and how close I am. Why is this? I want to enjoy all my runs in this easygoing way.
  • Case in point: This morning on my 3.5 mile run run, my first two miles were completed in 10:10 and 10:22 respectively. My return mile and a half was completed in 8:09 and 8:12. Because coming back, I had a destination: home.
  • Please explain.
  • Because of my hip injury and the possibility of not making it to the marathon, I decided not to run with Team for Kids this year.
  • I love Twitter. Without the training perks of Team for Kids, I needed a good marathon training plan that allows me to keep Refine Method and Core Fusion in my mix. I put out a request for help to create a marathon training plan. Stacy from Stacy’s Bootcamp created a magnificent custom training plan for me. She is awesome. Go take her class.
  • I am excited to start marathon training in July for the ING NYC Marathon!
  • I am excited to blog about my experience marathon training. How many people get to have a detailed account of training for their first and likely only marathon? I mean, in this world, lots. But in the grand scheme, not so many.
  • I am shocked by how many people commented on my hip injury posts to tell me I should just go ahead and get the surgery even if I’m not in pain. As I explained, I went to two different hip surgeons who BOTH told me I don’t need surgery. One of them was even a jerk! Surgery is their bread and butter, and if they both advised me to NOT give them thousands of dollars, I think there is a good reason for that.
  • My hip has been feeling so much better (knock on wood). I still avoid turning out, but I haven’t felt pain in awhile.
  • I am so happy I did not get surgery.
  • I registered for the Queens Half Marathon on July 30! I was on the fence because I don’t want to pay for a race that I might not be able to run (who knows what will happen with my hip), but it was about to fill up and I’d rather secure my spot and eat the $25. The race takes place in my hometown, so I won’t have to deal with the stress of traveling to an outer borough early in the morning. I can just stay at my mom’s and if she doesn’t want to drive me, it will be a $10 car service ride!
  • I also registered for the Celebrate Israel Run on June 5. Jews! It is a 4-miler, which I am totally ready for right now. I am excited to run in a race again. I will NOT try to PR — especially since my PR for this distance is my fastest race (not counting the 5th Avenue Mile) ever. I am proud to represent my people at my first race back.
  • I am obsessed with analyzing my Garmin maps post-run. I mean, look at this crazy one from last week! I ran to errands, to Core Fusion Cardio and to lunch. As I said above, destination running rules.
  • I will have an exciting announcement very soon. If you live in the NYC area and are around on (I think) Sunday, June 12, I would love you to participate in an outdoor fitness event! More details TK.
  • Even if my hip gets bad again, I am thankful for this time right now when I can run pain free. I am back!


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