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DSB Posting Schedule


To better avoid stress with my busy schedule of laying in bed, I’ve decided to implement a blogging schedule. I do love this blog and all the amazing things that have come into my life from it — especially the friendships, and also, Girl Talk — but I have found it hard to post as often as I like. Part of the reason is I can’t write or post from work. I am very, very important. I also write for a couple other websites and I’ve been slacking on all three when I feel pressure to do them all at once. But don’t worry, I do all this work from my bed, so I never slack on laying in bed.

I decided to implement a blogging schedule — and a lenient one at that!


I will post every Tuesday, without fail. Even if it is stupid. But it won’t be, because I’ll be writing it. Also, I have some cool posts coming up. Reviews and thoughts about things that are not reviews. And if I write the best post ever in life on a Wednesday, well, you’ll just have to wait until the following Tuesday to read it.

Oh — for those of you who ask my opinion on Core Fusion DVDs, check out Rachel’s comparison post. While I can seriously write a novel about all the live Core Fusion classes, I’ve only done the DVDs a few times and Rachel is a much better resource.

I’ve got the Healthy Kidney 10K on Saturday. I haven’t run in a couple of weeks, so it should be interesting. The rain destroyed my 6 mile Central Park loop plans last weekend but it was a blessing in disguise as I took the sweatiest, most intense Core Fusion class that was like nothing I have ever done before. No two classes are ever the same and this one was just . . . a sweaty, sticky, thick air experience.

Back next week, probably with a race recap that will include a playlist with my new FAVORITE MUSIC that I just learned about today!

Random, but I found a new way to waste my money and it is by spoiling my brother Matthew and his fiancee Mallory‘s pup Santana. Her Aunt Dori loves her and bought her these shirts:

You can follow Santana on Twitter.

See you all next week for more TUESDAY BLAGS!

P.S. Had a dream that my cute grandma was driving. She never got her license and never drove before. My brother and I were in the car with her and it was in our old neighborhood and was pretty much a disaster — very scary!

Run for the Parks Playlist

My friend Melissa posted her race playlist for tomorrow’s (Sunday, 4/18) 4 mile Run for the Parks and I decided to post mine too! What a fun idea. You can all know exactly what’s powering me through tomorrow morning at 8 am.  I plan to PR and beat my fastest 4 mile race time of 40:00. I have run a faster 5K before, but tomorrow is just about beating my 4 mile time.

I put together a nice little playlist of songs that make me want to RUN FAST:

I always start my races with a slower song so I pace myself in the beginning.

The playlist is 40:18, which I think is the perfect length for my goal. I’m really loving the songs and I am very excited about this race! I will be running it with my friend, also named Melissa, and she is a bit faster than me. We hope to push each other through.

Back this week with a recap!

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