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Workout Plan: Week of January 28, 2013 (I taught my first spin class)

I just taught my first spin class!

Before I get into that, I wanted to add that this six days a week workout schedule I’ve been sharing is new for me. I increased my weekly workouts from four-five a week to six because I want to be extra hot for my wedding this June. When I was single it was easy for me to eat healthy most of the time; with Andy, it’s harder. Not just because he likes to bake cookies (he is a very good wife) but because we both really enjoy going out to eat at restaurants where the choices are just not AS healthy as what I would choose on my own.

Food is a pretty big part of our relationship and I love having these traditions (weekly Bloody Mary and sweet potato fries at Park & Sixth or an incredible pizza from Razza) and I don’t want to give them up. So while I’m trying to be more mindful of what I eat at home and on my own, I decided an increase in my workouts would be a good goal for the next few months. The Refine Resolution Challenge gave me the kick in the tush I needed to really make this happen.

Dori’s Shiny Workout Plan for the week of January 28, 2013:

  • Sunday – Refine Method (1 hr) and practice spin at Club H (1 hr)
  • Monday – Taught spin at Hamilton Health & Fitness (55 min)
  • Tuesday – Rip Ride at Revolve (1 hr)
  • WednesdayRefine Method (1 hr) Rest
  • Thursday Rest or East Coast vs West Coast Ride at Revolve (45 min) Refine Method (1 hr)
  • Friday – Rest (depending on Thursday) or Run (3-4 miles)
  • Saturday – Refine Method (1 hr)

How did I do last week?

  • Sunday – Refine Method (1 hr) – Complete!
  • MondayRevolve Mashup Body Ride (1 hr)  Interval treadmill run (3 miles, 24:44) – Complete!
  • Tuesday – Real Ride at Revolve (45 min) – Complete!
  • Wednesday – Refine Method (1 hr) – Complete!
  • Thursday Refine Method (1 hr) TBD – Run or Revolve – Revolve (45 min), complete!
  • Friday – Rest – Complete!
  • Saturday Core Fusion Cardio (1 hr) Spin at Hamilton Health & Fitness* (50 min) and Refine Method (1 hr) – Complete!
    *I took a class at the gym I would be teaching at so I could get acquainted with the bikes and the room. I took it easy on the resistance because I wanted to be at my best for Refine later. I didn’t do CF Cardio because of a birthday RSVP misunderstanding for that class, which worked out because I prefer Refine.

OK, so I just taught my first indoor cycling class! To everyone who has asked me how it went, I say, “Not terrible!”

I woke up about a hundred times during the night because I was so anxious. I had a 4:25 alarm set, but I woke up on my own for good at around 4:15 to teach a 6 am class. The class is 55 minutes, which is 10 minutes longer than what I am typically used to. This meant I had to plan my ride profile even more thoughtfully.

I worked on everything at home all weekend – I chose my playlist, I decided how many hills, how many sprints, how many pushes with high resistance, etc. While my certification class provided me with about a year’s worth of rides already set up with the right music and all, I decided to go with my own music and plan this myself.

Music is really important to me when I work out, and no matter how nervous or how miserable of an instructor I am, I knew that my music would be the thing that makes this class my own. If nothing else, I hoped the class would leave saying “That was an awesome playlist.”

Dori teaching spin

I bought an extra long cord so I could keep my phone on my bike with me. SMART DECISION.


One person complimented my music, so I feel really good about my decision. I told the class I’m happy to give out my email address so they can send music requests going forward! I do think the music was too low. The gym told me they get complaints from an upstairs neighbor so I shouldn’t blast it. I didn’t, but I wish I adjusted the sound system better so I had more room to go up in volume on my iPhone. I did get off my bike during the last song (Love Today by MIKA) to raise the volume a little. That song requires it!

I’ll share my playlist in another post soon. For now, I’m just winding down from the nervousness and thinking about all the ways I could have been better. I’m glad the first class is done because I think I’ll be more comfortable from here, more myself. I also think I was working a little too hard to speak and think well – I was more out of breath than I’d have liked to be when I spoke to the class.I also thought of jokes and things I wish I had said to the class – but really, how could I have known EVERYTHING I wanted to do as it happened?

I went to my gym to practice at around 5 pm last night. Once I was there I realized that all the work I did at home was practically useless. I needed to be ON the bike to realize what exactly I wanted to do and how I wanted to communicate this. I got really tired there after an hour though and went home, totally exhausted and unable to do anything more. Next time, I will plan my entire ride in the spin room at my gym on the bike. I know my next class will be better if I approach it the right way (for me).

This was all very much a learning experience. I did not expect to get a subbing job so quickly, so this was very much a whirlwind weekend. I am not an awesome instructor yet, but I hope I can become one. I also hope the six people who took the class won’t see my name the next time and say, “Meh. Not going to bother.” I hope I can get better, more relaxed and more “me.”

I am so hard on myself.

How’d you do with your workouts last week? Anything fun planned this week? I’m excited about my Rip Ride with Kira Stokes at Revolve!



Workout Plan: Week of January 21, 2013

I’ll share my planned workouts for this week and then get into how well I stuck to my plan last week.

Dori’s Shiny Workout Plan for the week of January 21, 2013:

  • Sunday – Refine Method (1 hr)
  • MondayRevolve Mashup Body Ride (1 hr)  Interval treadmill run (3 miles, 24:44)
  • Tuesday – Real Ride at Revolve (45 min)
  • Wednesday – Refine Method (1 hr)
  • Thursday Refine Method (1 hr) TBD – Run or Revolve
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday Core Fusion Cardio (1 hr) Refine Method (1 hr)

Fucking trains on a holiday. I woke up at 4:55 this morning, waited for the train for 30 minutes to get to the 7 am Revolve class that I was really excited about (I do not know what a mashup ride is but I really wanted to find out) and when it finally arrived it was making an extra stop and there was no way I could make it to class on time. I’m really glad I got a workout in, but I did have to rearrange my Tuesday and Friday workout/rest plans.

As much as I don’t want to battle the trains again tomorrow, I’m going to go for it. I paid for an unlimited month of Revolve for $99 because it was such a great deal, and I need to get there four times to make it count.

The PATH trains have been having a really hard time getting it together after Hurricane Sandy. It’s been almost three months and I still can’t rely on it for getting to the city in any sort of timely manner. They used to post their schedules so I knew exactly when the trains were coming and I could plan my trip based on that, but they don’t share their schedule anymore. I hope they start again so I’m not waiting for 30 minutes like I was today.

Anyway: how did I do last week?

  • Sunday – Refine Method (1 hr) – Complete!
  • Monday – Refine Method (1 hr) – Complete!
  • Tuesday –  Spin at Club H (45 min) – Complete!
  • Wednesday – Rest – Complete!
  • Thursday – Run (Either 4 miles outside or 3-4 miles w/intervals on treadmill) – Took a 45 minute Real Ride spin class at Revolve instead after signing up for a month
  • Friday – Spin at Equinox (Special event, 90 min) – Complete! I think it was more like 100 minutes actually. The special event was getting certified to teach indoor cycling. More info on that soon!
  • Saturday – Refine Method (1 hr) – Complete!

I’m really happy with last week’s workouts. I exercised for six days with one day of rest, and even though I didn’t get to run I got another great workout in instead. Plus, I hit my Refine Resolution target. That challenge has already been so worth it for me. I’m able to go heavier in my challenge weights and I’m feeling a lot stronger.

How have you been with sticking to your workout goals so far this year?

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