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Run for the Parks Playlist

My friend Melissa posted her race playlist for tomorrow’s (Sunday, 4/18) 4 mile Run for the Parks and I decided to post mine too! What a fun idea. You can all know exactly what’s powering me through tomorrow morning at 8 am.  I plan to PR and beat my fastest 4 mile race time of 40:00. I have run a faster 5K before, but tomorrow is just about beating my 4 mile time.

I put together a nice little playlist of songs that make me want to RUN FAST:

I always start my races with a slower song so I pace myself in the beginning.

The playlist is 40:18, which I think is the perfect length for my goal. I’m really loving the songs and I am very excited about this race! I will be running it with my friend, also named Melissa, and she is a bit faster than me. We hope to push each other through.

Back this week with a recap!

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