Stereotypical – 1/25/06

Anyone who has ever had at least one conversation with me in a casual environment knows that I love stereotypes. I think they are very funny — mostly when you can ridicule yourself. So I and explain any stingy behavior away by simply saying, “I’m Jewish.” Today on the bus I had an experience that exemplifies another stereoptype.

I get on the bus, there weren’t many seats open, I walk to the back and sit down. I take my headphones out of my ears and wrap them around my iPod, and put it in my bag so I can make some phone calls. No sooner did the iPod go into my bag then the guy next to me asks, “How much did you pay for your iPod?” Immediately I am caught off guard, since I have been riding the bus for 9 years now and no stranger has ever spoken a word to me. I am momentarily flustered, and when I realize that someone I don’t know is asking how much I paid on a regular old 20gb iPod (anyone who has or wanted an iPod would know those went for $300), so I told him it costs me $300 last year when I got it, but the newer ones are priced differently.

He asks me where he might go to get an iPod of his own like mine. “Apple?”, I suggested. After a few more questions on where Apple is located it was clear he was not from New York. He asked me if he can get to Roosevelt Field by subway. Anyway, he then asks me– are you ready for this– if he can BUY my iPod from me. He said he really wanted the one I had, he didn’t want the color iPods or the ones with video, and the nano didn’t have enough space on it. I told him no, and a stranger overhearing asked how much he was hoping to pay, and the guy said something along the lines of $125. Then he asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to sell their iPod. I said no. (Turns out my old roommate Lim wants to sell hers, but hers is a mini which he didn’t want)

He has a friend with him, they are from Israel and met in the army. They have been in NY for 2 weeks, they were in NJ or somewhere for a couple months. After politely turning down his offer to purchase my beloved iPod, he saw my cell phone in my hand as I played with the antennae. He asked me if I wanted to sell him my phone. I said no.Then he asked me if I wanted to BUY a cell phone from him as he starts to open his jacket, presumably to show me what he currently had in stock. I said, “No!”

So sadly stereotypical.

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