I Miss Being In Love With Running

I’m finally there. I’m in the time and place and dimension where I can say these words and actually mean them. I am ready. I miss running.

Not only do I miss running after my annual winter hiatus, I am ready to start training again. I’m saying this much earlier than I usually do — I don’t usually feel the itch until late March/early April — but this year is different. Here’s why:

1. I am running a summer marathon.

If there’s anything that will motivate and excite me about running, it is a race. Specifically, a marathon-length race with a lofty goal.

2. A July marathon means March training. March training means February base building.

And that’s where I am now – about to start my base building. I told Coach Abby that I’m ready for her to work on my base building plan to ensure I return to regular running (I’ve been doing 3-4 miles here and there) safely and smartly, with a nice balance to Refine classes.

3. I am sick of my short runs feeling so hard.

I’ve only been running 3-4 miles, but every step of those miles feels impossible. I feel nostalgic for the days a 40 minute run was considered an ‘easy’ day.  I long for the days 8 miles was a “short long run.”

4. I am faster.

A big part of the reason I chose a summer marathon is because I am always faster in the spring.  I PR 10ks in the spring on very little training. When summer hits and humidity soars, I slow down. Starting fall marathon training in July is bad for the ego. I want to train when I am faster so I can have more confidence and feel more qualified to hit my goal.

5. My knee doesn’t hurt.

You might remember I didn’t hit my Richmond Marathon goal because my knee was injured and ruined miles 14-26.2  of my goal race. After rest, physical therapy and strengthening, it feels good again! I also bought a Zensah knee sleeve that might or might not help, but in my brain it helps a lot. But after doing an overhead press, my neck injury is back and better (worse?) than ever. So, there’s that.  I’m actually deeply upset about this and wrote an entire whiny blog post complaining and being mad at myself for causing this, but no one wants to see that.

Dori PDX Marathon

6. I miss being in love with running.

I miss going to sleep excited for the following day’s run. I miss the feeling of conquering a tempo run. I miss programming my watch to beep and tell me when to slow down and when to speed up. I miss having goals. I miss running with my friends. I miss Jersey City morning running with Miranda. I miss tweeting about running and talking about running and obsessing over running. I miss registering for races. I miss PRing. I miss being frustrated with not PRing. I miss setting goals. I miss running many days a week. I miss feeling badass about running many days a week. I miss constantly looking at a training plan. I miss analyzing a training plan. I miss crossing off completed days on a training plan. I miss wondering about what a future run on my training plan that seems challenging will be like. I miss finding out what the run on my training plan that seems challenging is like. I miss blogging about running. I miss having great run days. I miss having bad run days. I miss weekend long runs. I miss brunch after weekend long runs. I want to feel this way again; I am ready to feel this way again.

<WHINE ALERT> The only thing standing in my way (because there always has to be something with me…) is my  neck/shoulder, which I am starting acupuncture for on Sunday and plan to go twice a week. PT didn’t help last time (I went for about 5 months) so I don’t know what else to do since it is a muscle injury. Andy got me an e-stim machine that I will use at home starting tonight. I am icing and heating, though I don’t know which is better. I take Rx strength Naproxen. I sleep ony on my good neck side. They don’t give cortisone for muscle injuries, much to my dismay. And I built a lot of strength back at Refine the last few months, but I have to stop going while my neck is a mess. So of course, I am worried about that impact. </WHINE ALERT>

That’s all I’ve got. Tell me something else that will add to my feelings of running love.


Seattle, The Super Bowl & An Interview with Marshawn Lynch

It’s Super Bowl week and I live on one Super Bowl Drive (and the street where the Broncos are staying) and I work on the other Super Bowl Drive (next to where the Seahawks are staying.) The other Super Bowl Drive didn’t get officially named that, but the signs are out on the street so let’s just go with it.

Super Bowl Drive - Jersey City

As someone who never thought she’d blog about the Super Bowl, it’s pretty funny that this is my second post devoted to it.

But I have a few things to say. Most importantly, my husband Andy managed to snag an interview with Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks (who famously does not like talking to media). Conducted via phone last night from our living room couch with Larry Gary on his lap, Andy asked the hard hitting questions real fans want to know.

Like, for example, what his dog Ice (Marshawn pronounces “Iiiiiiiiiiiice”) does while he’s busy playing football. “He’s out doing his doggie dog thing, living in his doggie dog world. You feel me?”

Andy said, “I feel you.” Dori with nephew Harrison

Read the full interview:
Hot Clicks Q&A: Marshawn Lynch

It’s actually funny timing, since Andy and I coincidentally spent this past Saturday through Tuesday in the Seattles. We visited my brother, sister-in-law and 13-month-old nephew.

The trip itself was perfect. We escaped the polar vortex and enjoyed 50 degree temps. I didn’t always wear a coat. I ate really, really well. Like, the best I’ve ever eaten in a four-day period. I played with the cutest, funniest baby I’ve ever met. I tried eating up his thighs.

And in running news, I ran outside twice because the weather in Seattle is amazing. The best part? Absolutely no knee pain at all for the first time since the Portland and Richmond Marathons! I finally feel recovered, and I will continue focusing on strength this month before I jump back into marathon training in the not-so-distant future.

Also, I ran up the most giant hill of my life.

Kirkland hill

This photo (taken from car) does the hill NO justice. Elevation gain: 264 ft.

Anyway, from the moment we got on the plane in Newark to head to Seattle, the pilot talked about the Seahawks over the PA. The flight attendants cheered and I realized then that this would be a pretty special weekend to happen to be in Seattle.

Once we landed, we walked into SeaTac Airport to Seahawks balloons all over the place and every employee dressed for the occasion. As we walked by a flight that was about to board, we heard the employee announce “Priority boarding for anyone wearing Seahawks gear.”

No one had anything for me to borrow to board early on my trip back.

I thought all the Super Bowl stuff would get annoying, but it didn’t. Throughout our time there, we passed countless cars and houses all decorated to show their support. We saw someone selling Seahawks merchandise out of a tent in the parking lot of a gas station.

And in the airport going back home, once again every single airport employee I came across was dressed up with at least item sporting the Seahawks logo.

I felt the energy and excitement everywhere I went. Even though Andy clearly loves his Patriots and I like whoever Andy likes (the only way in which I am actually a good wife, said woman who doesn’t cook or clean or write wedding thank-you cards),  being around this excitement made me really want the Seahawks to win. It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love Seattle and would move there in a second if I could. But that alone didn’t make me care much either way — it was getting caught up in the incredible energy there right now that did.

So when Andy got the opportunity to interview Marshawn Lynch, I felt thrilled for him! Especially since he’s not really talking to anyone else. What a coup!


walgreens seattle

TL;DR -  My husband interviewed Marshawn Lynch and I hope the Seahawks win because I like Seattle.

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